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About Vialan Translation Services

   VIALAN Translation Concepts, Inc. offers fast and efficient certified translation services. We issue certificates of accuracy for all our translations, from marriage certificates and university degrees to business contracts and legal documents.

Translations certified by VIALAN Translation Concepts are accepted by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the US Passport Office, Educational organizations and most USA authorities.

   If your translation is a personal or business document that needs to be accepted for legal purposes, you may need it to be notarized. Depending on your requirements, a notarial certificate can be affixed to the translation by our recognized Notary Public in California. 

   We can fulfil your exact requirements with our certified, notarized or legalized translations, available for all major world languages: Spanish, French, German, Vietnamese, Arabic, Italian, Russian, Polish and other languages.

   At VIALAN Translation Concepts we guarantee professionalism and strict confidentiality when it comes to your documents and service.

When using some translations of US documents abroad, an Apostille (a form of legalization by the Secretary of State Office) is required. If you require an Apostille affixed to your translation, we can arrange it for you as part of our range of official translation services to suit your needs and to facilitate your business abroad. 

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