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General Information

About Our Certified Translation Services

We Translate All Types Of Documents

  • Birth certificate

  •  Marriage certificate

  •  Divorce certificate

  •  Death certificate etc.

  • Diploma

  •  Degree

  •  Transcript

  •  Curriculum etc.

  •  Contracts

  •  Power of Attorney

  •  Handbooks

  •  Manuals etc.

Translation service, Birth certificate,  Marriage certificate,  Divorce certificate,  Death certificate, Diploma,  Degree,  Transcript,   

We Guarentee 100% Acceptance By:

translation Service, Birth certificate,  Marriage certificate,  Divorce certificate,  Death certificate, Diploma,  Degree,  Transcript,   
  • US Immigration

  •  DMV

  •  US Passport Office

  • US Court

  •  Universities

  •  Evaluation Organizations

  • Employers

  • Medical Board of California

  • Board of Registered Nursing

Our Certified Translation Services  Include:

  • PDF copy ready for submission

  •  Certification in accordance with government regulations

  •  Notarization available

  •  Original certified copies by mail available

  •  Embossed seals and official stamps

  •  Most orders ready within 24 hours

Useful Information
Translation service, Birth certificate,  Marriage certificate,  Divorce certificate,  Death certificate, Diploma,  Degree,  Transcript,   


  1. After your order is placed and payment is submitted, we’ll proceed with your translation immediately.

  2. On the agreed deadline we will send the translation to you by email; you’ll be offered to review the translated document and check the spelling of names (checking of the names is necessary for the non-Latin alphabet languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Farsi, Russian, Ukrainian, Hebrew, Thai); if the calendar system in the source document is different from the US calendar, you will also be offered to verify the accuracy of the dates in the translated documents.

  3. After your review and confirmation we will get your translation certified (if hard copies were included in your order, we will send them to you by mail. The Certificate of Accuracy and all pages of the translation will be rubber-stamped and embossed on each page with our company’s professional seal).



Certification involves preparing an official declaration – a Certificate of Accuracy, which includes the following:

  1. Made on official company letterhead paper, showing the name and address of the translation company.

  2. Indicates a title of the translated document and the language pair: from/into what languages it was translated.

  3. A statement signed by the translation company representative attesting that the translated text is an accurate and complete translation of the source document.

  4. Signed and dated by the translation company representative

  5. Rubber-stamped or embossed with a professional seal

  6. The Certificate of Accuracy and all pages of the translation will be rubber-stamped and embossed on each page with our company’s professional seal.

* Certificate of Accuracy will be attached to the top of the complete “word for word” translation of the original text, formatted as closely as possible to the original text.

Other organizations, such as WES, some consulates and various universities and medical schools sometimes have additional requirements, but basically a certified translation is made up of the abovementioned parts which must be in place in order to be considered a valid certified translation.

A translator or a translation company does not need to be certified in order to prepare a certified English translation.



Unlike most other countries, in the United States there is no federal or state licensing or certification for translators. There are credentials available to translators working in some language pairs in this country, but they do not carry the same weight–in the market place or in the translation community–as federal licensing or certification in other countries.

The American Translators Association (ATA) offers translator certification in some language pairs. ATA certified translators are required to specify the language pairs and directions in which they are certified. For example, a translator certified to translate from Spanish to English is not necessarily certified to translate from English to Spanish.



A Notarization makes a certificate of accuracy more official against a fraud. A Notary Public verifies only the identity of the individual who signed the document to which this certificate is attached, and not the truthfulness, accuracy, or validity of that document.
All of VIALAN’s certified translations are notarized. Notarization is not necessarily required by all agencies, but we add it to all of our certificates of accuracycompletely free of charge as an additional bonus.

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